You won't read here about how my dad used to take me to cinematograph chamber, where I've watched masterpieces of Orson Welles.

Also, there won't be a story in which I steal my parents Minolta to shoot sunrise, beeing five of course! And why so you would ask? Because it didn't happen. No one in my family have worked in cinema, we haven't watched gems of film craft till late night hours and my biggest worry in analog photography was, if I will have enough photographic film till the end of my Władysławowo vacation. I haven't got the best predispositions either beeing three time finalist of "As matematyczny" math contest in secondary school.

I've became filmmaker later, after I've discovered what life options do I have. It seems that out af all activities I've tried, cinematography suits me the most. Is it bad? I don't think so. Thanks to that I've become fully aware artist, open-minded and strongly critical. The question I like to ask myself the most is "Why?" and "for what purpose?". I feel pretty confident in all technical aspects and I love equipment (maybe it's a flaw?). I see nothing bad in "commercial" films, I often go to superhero movies and I love to shoot genre cinema - sci-fi, horror, thriller. I prefer strong stylization and building new, exciting worlds. Working on the film I draw handfuls of possibilities that color and movement provides.

Sticking to facts - in 2016 I've graduated AMA academy (field: film, major: cinematography). In the same year I've also graduated from AGH academy (field: IT). Despite cinematography gigs I also run two equipment rentals in Cracow - Weapon Rental and Movie Groovie Rental. Until now I've been a DoP in more than 15 short and medium-length films (counting the ones I'm proud of 🙂 ). I've been creating images for music videos for stars like Mateusz Ziółko, Jula or Filip Lato and a huge number of TV, cinema and internet commercials.

If you like how I watch the world
- write or call me, we will talk.


    My 2020 resolutions:
  • do what I love
  • co-producer and DoP of internet series
  • images to at least three genre short films
  • DoP of five fictionalized commercials